Upright Style Monuments   are available in many different shapes and sizes and are suited to accommodate one to several family members. These monuments are very popular as they have more area to get quite creative and personalized often including family information on the back.

Pillow Style Monuments are higher at the back and slope down to the front. This type of monument is lower to the ground than the upright style. The pillow style monument is avilable in different polishes, the more sides that are polished the greater the area available to put either lettering or artwork on. These are available in many different sizes and some unique shapes as well.

Children’s Memorials are available in any of the monument styles available including specialty shapes. We have many designs to choose from or our memorial consultants would be pleased to design the perfect memorial based on your ideas and wishes.

Flat Granite and Bronze Markers are usually installed flush to the ground or can be attached to the top of a granite base. both of these styles or markers can be customized to reflect your thoughts and memories. These type of markers are usually required at any “Memorial Garden” type cemeteries.

Adding to Existing Memorials  Grassland Memorials will quite often add a sub-base to an existing memorial if you have interred cremated remains into an existing cemetery plot. Most of the time there is not enough room on the existing monument to properly commemorate the additional cremation so we add a base under the existing monument to give you the space required to place names and dates.

Grave Covers Grassland Memorials offers two different types of grave covers. The granite cover is available in any of the granite colors and can be used with a seperate memorial of your choice or you can place a pillow style memorial at the head of the cover. The second cover we offer is a fiberglass grave cover which is white in color. You also have the ability to have colored stones on the top or a cross. These can also be used with seperate memorials or you can order them with a headpiece to accomodate names and dates.

Dedication Plaques are available in either granite or bronze. Even different types of granite monuments are suitable as a means of recognition to a group or individual. We have completed several different styles of dedication memorials being able to customize and design them based on your individual requirements.

Grassland Memorials is able to restore the most weathered and hard to read memorials. We would be happy to supply you with a written estimate.

We treat each project as our most important because to you, it is.

We consider monuments and building to be archaeological artifacts that should never be diminished. Instead, they should be carefully preserved, made stable as possible for safety and liability purposes and fortified to weather the seasons.