This information sheet has been created by Grassland Memorials to assist families in choosing their family memorial.

Please take your time to fill out this information sheet.  We will assist you with any questions you have in a non pressured relaxed atmosphere.

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When purchasing a memorial for a spouse you usually have the option of either a double monument for both you and your spouse or you could purchase a single monument, which would accommodate only his or her name.

You may have the option of an upright style monument or a pillow style monument.

Most memorials are made from granite. This stone is durable, reasonably priced, and available in a wide range of colors. Granite comes in different qualities, some which may not be suitable for cemetary memorials. A reputable memorial builder will be able to show you fine quality granites that will accept different styles of lettering and design work. Be sure to look at quality, finish, guarantee, design as well as size, if you are comparing prices.